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With 40 years experience in the hunting industry, and over 60 years in the outdoor retail world, we live for the outdoors. Our core motivation stems from sharing our experiences, land, game, and passion for it all with our clients. Let our reputation be your assurance.

The CMR team

With over 65 years of combined elk hunting/guiding experience, the CMR team stays ready for every hunt. The combination of our knowledge, experience, and efforts have resulted in hundreds of successful harvests through the years. Continuous work on improving ourselves year to year insures we uphold our reputation, and deliver for every client to the best of our abilities.

Travis Carter
Wildlife/Ranch Manager
Houston, TX

CMR Team Member - 2012

Jared Bannon
Ranch Manager
Folsom, NM

CMR Team Member - 2010

Connor Doherty
Senior Guide
Folsom, NM

CMR Team Member - 2009

Zach Doherty
Senior Guide
Folsom, NM

CMR Team Member - 2015

Tate Mitchell
Senior Guide
Clayton, NM

CMR Team Member - 2018

Tabor Martinez
Senior Guide
Des Moines, NM

CMR Team Member - 2016

Aron Sakelaris
Senior Guide
Raton, NM

CMR Team Member - 2020

Chef John Fearrington
Head Chef
Chapell Hill, NC

CMR Team Member - 2019

Susie Richardson
Camp Manager
Kenton, OK

CMR Team Member - 2018

We Serve the Entire Houston Area

A Brief History of Carter’s Country

Bill Carter was born in a small North Carolina town in 1934, and his wife Ellen was born in New York City. Bill’s love of firearms began at age eleven when he purchased his first gun, a used Winchester 22 pump, with paper route money. His love for guns and hunting continued to grow from there! A veteran of the North Carolina National Guard and the Marine Corps reconnaissance unit, he was sent to Korea about the time of the cease-fire and end to the conflict. He liked the marines and considered a career there. But he couldn’t become an officer because of his lack of education. So he left the Marine Corps in 1956 to get a couple years of college, but he never went back. He spent time as a seaman on merchant ships

“I found myself coming to Houston a lot.” The magic was there “because you could always get a job in Houston,” Carter said. “I never say that word that I don’t still get that special feeling.” Bill met his future wife in New Jersey, the other end of his shipping route.

“I finally talked her into marrying me, and said, “Hey, let’s go to Houston.” Carter got a job as an ironworker, and he made more money than he had ever made before. Ellen Carter worked at Hermann Hospital’s emergency room. When they got settled, he started doing work for his fellow ironworkers – his company based out of his garage, was called Custom Guns. He produced bolt-action rifles using barreled actions and custom stocks.

He tested weapons at Weaver Rifle & Gun Club on Aldine-Westfield about a mile north of FM1960, which was a desolate 2-lane road at that time, arriving at daylight on most weekends. Finally, the owner offered to sell him the place since Carter seemed to be there all the time anyway. The seed was planted…. He wanted $15,000 down for the gun club and the 15 acres of land he insisted on selling with it. “We scraped and scraped, and got the $15,000, with about 75 cents to spare, and closed the deal,” Carter said. They opened a small retail operation in a 10 by 10-foot metal building. Both kept their day jobs – he as an ironworker and she as a registered nurse. Sales that first-year were very slow, grossing only about $32,000. The gun club slowly became profitable. Bill’s extensive knowledge of guns was appreciated and was becoming more well known in the Houston area. He saw a lot of mistakes and solved them-mismatched rifles and scopes, for example-that people had bought elsewhere.

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Here at Cotton Mesa Ranch we take great pride in our renowned track record, built one client at a time. We pride ourselves in our own extreme dedication to your hunts success. Please enjoy some of our past client’s comments, experiences, and accolades!