Start a lasting tradition of hunting premier with our long time staff & immaculate reputation provide for the finest elk hunting experience Colorado has to offer.

How do I get to the ranch?

Please utilize the link below, it will take you directly CMR - https://goo.gl/maps/2BrhEivHJB9mTPnq7

What time do I arrive to the ranch?

11AM is standard arrival, please note the time change if coming from the east, CMR will fall under MT (mountain time)

What will the weather be like during the hunt?

The weather is very sporadic in this wonderful part of the country. Please check weather data for, Kim, CO prior to your hunt for the most accurate weather information.

What is the elevation of the ranch?

Our elevation will range from just above 5000ft to 6500ft

How long is the hunt?

All hunts will be 3.5 days, Tuesday arrival - Friday departure and Friday arrival – Monday departure

  • Morning hunt start time – 5-7:30AM depending on time of season

  • Cell service will be sporadic during your time on the ranch.

Will we hunt the first day?

We will hunt on the day off arrival, we will begin the hunt around 3-4:30 pm, depending on time of the season

Will there be a chance to check our rifles?

One of the first activities scheduled for your day of arrival will be range time and safety brief/meeting.
1) We will check all rifles, and bows prior to ever stepping foot in the field

What is standard gratuity for guide and staff?

Gratuity guidelines –
1) Guide – 10%
2) Cook - $100-$200 per head
3) House staff - $100 per head

How will we hunt/travel on the property?

All hunts will utilize UTV for transportation on the ranch. Majority of the hunts will be spot and stalk, with an occasional blind setup if deemed necessary or beneficial.

Will we hunt all day?

We will be in the field two separate hunts per day (most of the time), morning and afternoon hunt. Usually returning to the lodge for lunch.

  • Morning hunt start time – 5-7:30AM depending on time of season

  • Cell service will be sporadic during your time on the ranch.

Is there any branded gear for purchase on the ranch?

There will be plenty of branded gear on the ranch for purchase, in all sizes, ride for the brand!

Can you process payments at the ranch?

We can process any necessary payment at the ranch, via cash, check, credit, or ACH. (CC charges on the ranch will incur a standard 3% fee)

Is there Internet or phone service on the ranch?
  • Our lodges/headquarters are fully equipped with fiber Internet. By utilizing Wi-Fi calling, your phone will operate like normal, allowing you to text and call.

  • Cell service will be sporadic during your time on the ranch.

How is processing and taxidermy handled?

All game will be field dressed, quartered, and de-muscled (unless you have given special instructions) for every client.

  • We have a partner processor and taxidermist that will collect meat/trophies weekly, at no charge to the client. They can take care of final processing and taxidermy needs (external cost) and sort delivery for both to your door. They personally deliver and will hang your trophy if desired. (Delivery cost is a simple fuel surcharge based on mileage, so no major hidden fee or cost here, average $100-$200 across the country)

What caliber of rifle do you recommend?

.30 cal, or larger, is preferred, please choose a bonded bullet, no ballistic tips, or BTHP. Looking for a bullet that will stay together and carry the max amount of energy (.270 or larger required unless approved prior, or the clients desire to use a smaller caliber, CMR is not responsible for lost or wounded game due to clients use of a smaller caliber than required)

What broad heads should I use?

We prefer utilizing fixed blade broad heads. Ultimately it is your choice if you feel strongly towards mechanicals, and want to stand by your choice. (CMR is not responsible for any equipment failures or loss of game due to equipment issues)

What is the average shot distance we can expect during the hunt?
  • Rifle - We ask all clients be proficient out to 300yards, practice if available. Our average shot will be 225yds and in, with opportunities 300+ frequent.

  • Bow – We ask all bow clients to be very comfortable at 40yds, practice further if you have the ability. (40 yards will fall under an opportunity distance) ***We will make all efforts to get as close as possible***

What should I pack for the hunt?
  • Tried and tested tool of harvest.
    There will be ranch rifles available (we will offer ranch rifles in times where there could be an equipment advantage)

  • Please check the weather prior to your trip to get a better idea of what clothing will be needed. Layers are strongly recommended. There will be gear available to purchase if you want to look fresh out in the field.

  • Binoculars and harness (for mobility), to view/evaluate game/target animals

  • Big glass (spotting scopes, high power/over sized binos, etc.) if you would like to utilize your equipment, please bring it along!

  • Soft gun case if available

  • Small day pack is about all you will need, your guide will stay well prepared and have their pack/gear in the field

  • Extra ammo, I know everyone is a professional and only needs a single bullet or arrow, but do us both a favor and pack excess just in case!

  • Solid pair of hiking boots/shoes, whatever you are comfortable and mobile in. Please note the rocky terrain and excess cactus, choose your footwear accordingly

  • Sunglasses will be a great asset in the field, try to avoid oversized bright colored mirrored lenses.

  • Sling for your rifle in the field, if desired. Please choose your rifle with mobility in mind.

  • Cameras for photography opportunities if desired. (Your guide will be well versed in trophy photos and take as many as you can stand, post harvest)

  • Face mask is not required, but a decent thing to have in the pack

  • Hearing protection

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