Lodging & The Ranch

Start a lasting tradition of hunting premier with our long time staff & immaculate reputation provide for the finest elk hunting experience Colorado has to offer.




At Cotton Mesa Ranch our hunting lodge has spacious private bedrooms and plenty of room for you to relax in between hunts. We pride ourselves on our ability to make you feel right at home and comfortable while on our ranch. There is always a hot shower waiting not far from your adventure. Our Cotton Mesa Ranch allows you to experience authentic wilderness hunting and the comforts of a first class hotel.


We have a professional chef on staff to ensure you are well-fed and experience first class meals throughout your stay at Cotton Mesa Ranch. Home brewed coffee and breakfast cooking every morning helps you start each day off on the right foot. Great stories, companionship, and camaraderie around the dining table are all part of the package as you create life-long memories and experience the joy of wilderness hunting.


Experience world class hunting in Colorado with our experienced and dedicated guides. Here at Cotton Mesa we take great pride in our knowledge of the game, territory, and history of the land. Our team’s dedication to your success is unriveled.

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